3 Lucky Charms In Japan You May Have Seen

3 Lucky Charms In Japan You May Have Seen

Do you have some lucky charms at your home? There are different symbols and meaning for each lucky charm in Japan. Most of these beliefs are inherited from Buddhism, Hinduism, and Chinese religions. So, let’s know more about those lucky charms with their meanings!


Koi means Japanese carp. It symbolizes the good fortune, prosperity, success, longevity, ambition, courage, and perseverance.


Maneki neko is known as beckoning cat in Japanese. It is usually made of ceramics, plastic, or metals. It is believed that it can bring wealth and good luck and success in your business.

Furoshiki “48 FUKU COCHAE Maneki-Neko ( Fortune Cat )”


Daruma doll can bring you some courage! Its famous quote is “Nana korobi, Yaoki”. It means that what times you get down, just get up from it!

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