How Did The Life In Japan Make Me Healthier

How Did The Life In Japan Make Me Healthier

Japanese people are so thin, although they eat rice and noodles. It is also known that Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world. The oldest man and woman in the world are Japanese. Let’s take a look at this secret!!


From my own experience living in Japan for 2 years, I have never gotten sick in Japan, such as with the flu, a cough, etc. It was really different when I was in my home country and I would get sick like that maybe once every month.

From that experience, I keep wondering how I can never get sick in Japan. My international friend in Japan has had the same experience as me. In Japan, he has never gotten sick even once, so he also keeps wondering how that can be. So, we talked to each other to discuss about this matter, and finally we reached some conclusions.


First of all, we think that the air in Japan is really fresh and clean! We think that the air is the first most important difference between Japan and our home countries.


The next conclusion that we made is that Japanese food is very healthy! In Japan, the dishes served in restaurants never have MSG or such, and not so much oil. However, in our countries, the dishes in any restaurant usually use MSG to make them more delicious.

Also, Japanese people really like to eat sushi throughout their lives. They sometimes don’t even cook fish when they eat it- they just eat it raw! Isn’t this really healthy? Not only that, but they usually eat raw eggs with “beef bowl,” which is known as “Gyudon” in Japanese. Japanese people also like to eat vegetables, such as in salads. It’s no wonder that you can get salads in every Japanese set meal.


The last reason that we thought up is that Japanese people almost always walk when they need to go somewhere. Some of them have a target to walk 10,000 steps every day.


So, what are you waiting for? Change your lifestyle to this awesome Japanese lifestyle to stay healthy!

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