Why Do Japanese Keep Nori Seaweed In The Kitchen

Why Do Japanese Keep Nori Seaweed In The Kitchen

You probably know the seaweed called Nori which is one of the ingredients of Sushi. Actually, Nori is a nourishing and healthy food. You might go to a grocery store after reading this article.

What is Nori?

Nori is well-known for Sushi. It is a paper like, dark green, thin seaweed.

Nori is used for many foods

Japanese often use Nori for cooking. 
For example, Rice balls,


Rice with green tea called ochazuke.
Nori is indispensablef for Japanese!!

Nori makes your Skin Beautiful

Nori is rich in protein. Protein works for making skin, hair, nails. Also Nori contains Vitamin C. It makes your skin beautiful and effective for preventing a cold.

Rich in Vitamines

Nori contains Vitamin B1 and Vitamin A.
The former is effective for recovering from fatigue.
The latter works for protecting skin and increasing immunity.

The iron content of Nori is equal to Spinach

You know a Spinach is rich in iron. Surprisingly, the iron content of Nori is equal to it. If you have anemia, it help you a lot.

If you are trying to lose weight

Nori contains iodine which is effective for expediting fat burn-off.
It’s a better way to eat Nori for snack when you feel hungry.