Abacus Is Secret Tool Of Japanese Human Calculator

Abacus Is Secret Tool Of Japanese Human Calculator

Have you ever had a problem of calculating large numbers? Don’t you think it would be if helpful if you can calculate numbers larger than 10 thousands instantly in your head? How it works? Learn Japanese abacus!

Are Japanese good at calculating?

Of course not all the Japanese people are good at calculating, but the average level is comparatively high in the world. It’s mainly because of the education. And there is another reason. Watch this video first.

It’s just a simple adding, but isn’t it impressive? The kid isn’t even in grade school yet. It’s because he studies with Soroban.

Soroban -Japanese Abacus-

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Soroban is a Japanese abacus which had been used to calculate numbers since it was introduced from China in late 16th century. It was an essential skill for office workers until computers became common twenty years ago. Instant calculation of computer replaced the demand of soroban, which is said that population drastically dropped to 1/14 of the peak. However, it is gathering attention again as an effective tool to train children’s brain and skills; Mental math, concentration, attentiveness, etc.

League of Japan Abacus Associations

How it works

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Sorban is made with simple pieces; Frame, counter (small beads), center bar, and rods (columns). Remember that rods symbolize digit number and counters are valid only when they’re up. There are two areas in soroban; top and the bottom. In the top area, there are counters in a row, which each counters is counted as five. In the bottom area, where rods have four counters, each will be counted as one. If this explanation was difficult to understand, watch the video below.

How to add

How to Subtract

Where to learn

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There are some soroban schools willing to teach kids outside Japan. Yet, not enough to teach all the people who want to learn it. Thanks to the Internet, everyone have an chance to learn it through online videos and texts! You can buy cheap Japanese abacus in many online shops. Just buy soroban and start your learning! (Be careful not to buy Chinese abacus if you want to learn Japanese one)

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