10 Reasons Why So Many People Live In Tokyo

10 Reasons Why So Many People Live In Tokyo

Tokyo has about 13 million people even though the landmass is smaller than most prefecture of Japan. Why do people want to live in Tokyo so much?

1. Great transportation infrastructure

Tokyo has so great infrastructure that you don’t have to drive a car whenever you want to go. Trains come in every 10-minute, so it’s really easy to travel around.

2. It’s a melting pot of people

There are so many people from every prefecture in Tokyo. And also, a lot of people from other countries live in Tokyo. So, you will have a wide range of friends there, which will definitely inspire you!

3. Great night scene

That many people are living means as many lights in night. It will mesmerize you…

4. Many museums and theaters

Are you interested in arts? If yes, Tokyo can offer many services and places to visit. Neither will you get bored nor at a loss to find what to do in your weekend!

5. Administrative division

The main area of Tokyo is divided into 23 wards, and each ward has its administration. It makes the governance easy and gives people convenience. Yes, that’s why the life in Tokyo is easy and comfortable.

6. Easy to find a job

The tons of people means the tons of jobs, which makes it much easier to find a job there. It may be difficult to find a job overseas for Japanese. And most foreign farms are in Tokyo. That’s one of the reasons why Tokyo has many foreign people living.

7. The number of people makes you invisible

There are various people in Tokyo, so it is really difficult to be conspicuous. It means, at the same time, you can be invisible in the crowd. 
It might be lonely or scary somehow, but people sometimes need such time. You can hide from anybody when you are tired of getting along with people or dealing with things to do.

8. Many major hospitals

Tokyo has many major hospitals in the city, which enables you to see a great doctor easily. When you feel something wrong with yourself, you can make an appointment soon to check.

9. Low crime rate

Tokyo is a melting pot of people, as I said, but the pot is almost exclusive for good people. Actually, the crime rate of Tokyo is very low for a big city. You can live without concerns of getting involved in crimes.

10. You can be yourself

To sum up, in Tokyo, you can have many various friends, be yourself without jests from inflexible people, and be invisible when you want to be. It all means that you can be yourself in Tokyo.
Yes, Tokyo is the city where you can be “natural” by living an urban area.