Railway System In Japan

Railway System In Japan

Traveling by train in Japan is just too good. Convenient, economical and especially punctual.

If you’re a tourist going to Japan, the best way of transportation is not taxi unlike other countries, but the railway system.

Japan is famous for its public transport that is convenient, efficient, averagely priced and punctual. There are many different types of railway trains and their railway system interconnects to many, many popular places. It is very convenient if you’re a tourist as it saves you a lot of money, especially if you’re travelling alone.

However, the railway system is quite complex. Even with the same route and destination, there are many different kinds of trains to choose from, all of them with different prices. If you are purchasing a ticket, do be careful as it is very easy to mistake.

Japan’s railway system is top notch with legendary records that beat all other countries in the world. I would recommend getting on the railway transport system in Japan if you ever travel there!! It will definitely be a unique experience to get on one of the trains from the famous Japanese railway!

By the way in Tokyo, You can experience the train hell. The peak of its rush hours is between 8 am and 9 am, due to going to workplace.
I recommend you to avoid taking train at that time…