3 Delicious Desserts To Savour In Summer

3 Delicious Desserts To Savour In Summer

Nothing calms frazzled nerves better in summer than tucking into a cool dessert. Now, Japan offers many kinds of desserts, each of them boasting regional products. Here are five of them!

1) Shirokuma

Kagoshima shirokuma

Kakigori (shaved ice) is the dessert of choice in summer, but for a more layered taste, you can try out Shirokuma, Kagoshima’s version of shaved ice. Instead of sweet syrup, condensed milk is generously doused on top of the ice. Fruits like cherries and raisins as well as azuki beans are added to give it a tantalizing sweet-sour taste!

By the way, don’t you find that the fruits arranged on the ice make it look like a polar bear? Indeed, this is why Shirokuma is named as such as it means “polar bear”!

2) Parfait

Parfait samples by pinguino in osaka%2c japan

Japanese-style parfaits are also a popular item in summer. A vibrant and brightly colored dessert, it showcases many layers of ice cream interspersed with whipped cream and fruits like strawberries, cherries and kiwi. It also comes with many other ingredients such as nuts, corn flakes and coffee gelatin, so it is definitely as nutritious as it is yummy! Just don’t be so taken in by its beautiful appearance that you can’t bear to eat it!

3) Warabi mochi

Kurumi mochi

Another way to cool yourself down is to savor the addictively chewy, jelly-like warabi mochi. Made from the starch of the warabi (bracken) plants, it pairs excellently with kinako (sweet toasted soybean flour) or kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup) to yield a refreshing sweet taste. 

Warabi mochi is particularly well-loved by the people of the Kansai region and Okinawa Prefecture as a comfort food, so be sure to eat it when you visit these areas!With these three delicious desserts available, you need not fear the scorching hot summer anymore! Bon appétit!