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Tempura : That Cooking Method Brings Out The Flavor Of The Raw Ingredients

Tempura Japanese people love! It is a simple dish just fried with eggs and flour cooking ingredient…

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School Building Will Be Reborn

In Japan, the declining birthrate and the aging population are proceeding. As the number of childre…

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Oshima Tsumugi : Luxury Silk Fabric Bred In Amami Oshima

Do you know Oshima Tsumugi? It is a fabric that is known worldwide as one of the world's three lar…

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Amami Oshima With An Untouched Nature That Is Said To Be The Japanese Version "The Closest Island To Heaven"

Japan's southern island with a beautiful ocean and untouched nature. Amami Oshima is in Kagoshima …

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Noumizo Falls : Awesome Waterfall And Yummy Foods

Chiba Prefecture is next to Tokyo, and until Waterfall it is a distance 2 - 3 hours from Tokyo by t…

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Japanese Hand-Made Makie Art Paperweight Gives You Good Luck

The Makie art paperweight is crafted from a nature stone. The Makie is realized by hand by a master…

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Let's Learn About The Japanese Skyscraper, Tokyo Tower

When you think of a symbol of Japan, it may well be Tokyo Tower. Yes, it took great part in the Jap…

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5-Steps That The Japanese Spirit Got The Victory In Science

Do you know that Japanese scientists recently received acknowledgement from the International Union…

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Garbage Classification In Japan

In Japan, the garbage is classified into three main types of burnable, inburnable and recyclable ga…

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What Do They Do On Their Wedding Ceremony?

It's a great experience to attend a Western-style wedding ceremony in Japan. Invited guests often h…

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